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Love for art was in me even when I was still very young.  At school I was in my element whenever we were assigned some scrap book project and I would arrive home to start it off as soon as I could.  Leafing through some of these scrap books nowadays makes me smile when I realise how much work was put into a job which for children that age might have felt trivial.

Today my interest for all forms of art continues to grow and I love to browse through the internet looking for information as well as new ideas.  Travelling abroad too widens this spectrum and visiting some of the most beautiful museums in the world makes me crave for more knowledge on this vast subject.  In 2001 I took a three month pottery course not knowing that I was to fall in love with this type of art.  Years on, my interest for ceramics is still alight, and I make it a point to attend  classes regularly to keep abreast.  This website was set up to share my ideas with those interested in the subject.  I have put together a few pics of pieces created over the last years.

My projects usually start off with a sketch which will eventually materialise into the particular piece I would like to create.  The final result, especially when it comes to glazing is always a surprise.  There are so many products and techniques one could use, with infinite combinations, that one piece will never turn out exactly as the one before it.  This element of surprise adds to the excitement as pieces come out of a firing.

There are times when I get my muse in the middle of the night and would be dying to start working on my next piece and most of all to see it come true.  On the other hand, there have been instances when I’ve made up collages impromptu, without much planning and ended up with interesting abstract forms.

My inspirations come primarily from nature, particularly the sea.  A  number of my pieces symbolise abstract sea forms and this theme is further captured in the choice of glazes applies.  I guess art is something which comes from inside and depends on one’s moods.  Usually the result proves it all - if I’m in a good mood I end up with something I really like, if not, in the bin it goes (for recycling of course!) 

Through art one can communicate and bring out emotions ... this I have discovered through ceramics.

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